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Will 'Yoga or Yogurt' replace 'Tea or Coffee' on the Qantas inflight menu?

What's behind the new move by Qantas to emphasise health and wellbeing, especially for long haul flights?

What Qantas has done is to commission scientific research on counteracting jetlag, recommended physical activity, better nutrition, better transit lounge design and improving the cabin environment. Qantas is looking to do more than just 'Refresh' by providing a Refresh bag with bottled water!

There are legal, public relations and marketing perspectives to this move -

  1. Legal - Qantas is keen to reduce passenger claims - it is looking to improve the flight conditions and provide better warnings and advice to reduce claims and complaints for health related issues.
  2. Public Relations - Qantas is known for its 'safety' branding. It wants to add 'inflight health' to its branding / image.
  3. Marketing - Qantas wants to be able to market that passengers will feel refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of their flight as the reason why people should choose Qantas to fly with.

We will know soon enough if the scientific research will help Qantas - the first test will be on the 17 hour non-stop flight from Perth to London on its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The flights are due to start in in March 2018.

For more click on my article, with public relations insights by Richard Lenarduzzi and marketing insights by Michael Field - Will 'Yoga or Yogurt' replace 'Tea or Coffee' on the menu for Qantas long haul flights?

The dangers of flying a drone near aircraft, and what are the chances of your airplane hitting a drone?

The Australian Transport Safety Board has recently investigated the chances of an airplane colliding with a drone. It has issued a 48 page report: A safety analysis of remotely piloted aircraft systems.

If you think of a drone as a mechanical bird, then data upon bird strikes on aircraft will help predict the damage expected from collisions between drones and manned aircraft.  Click Here

Australian domestic airlines agree to an ‘opt in’ model for extra charges

Australian airlines will now use ‘opt in’ choices in their online bookings, where passengers need to agree to extra charges being added. Instead of ‘opt out’ choices , where the extra charge is added unless the charge is removed by the passenger. Click Here

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