Tourism Legal Fees Structure


How much is it going to cost?

We charge legal costs (including professional fees, charges, expenses and disbursements) on one of two bases, namely:

i. on a fixed fee basis, which is advised to you and agreed in advance. We adopt this basis for property transactions, short advices and other work where it is possible to estimate the work required to be done and its cost with reasonable certainty;

ii. on an hourly rate basis, with a range of estimates as to likely fees. We adopt this basis for litigation work and general commercial work and other work where it is not possible to accurately estimate the cost of the work to be done.

In respect of payment, we can choose to:

  • request the payment in advance of an estimated amount or an agreed amount of the fees and disbursements
  • bill regularly the fees and disbursements payable
  • bill on completion of the matter the fees and disbursements payable.

Once the parameters of the work required are known, we will issue a Costs Disclosure Agreement which contains an outline of the work to be done and the anticipated cost or costs in carrying out the work. A Costs Disclosure Agreement will not be issued where the work to be done is less than $750, or where the fees and disbursements to be charged are covered by an extension of an existing Costs Disclosure Agreement.

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