Tourism Law Advice Free Offer

Free Initial Advice Offer

Free Advice Offer

We offer a free first consultation.

The following conditions apply:
  • the advice may be given by telephone, email or fax and be received by either of these means
  • the advice will be limited to 15 minutes for free advice. The time may be extended by mutual agreement. on a fee for advice basis
  • If the nature or complexity of the advice is such that it will exceed 15 minutes, you will be advised that the advice is available on a fee for service basis, and you will have the right to terminate the consultation at that point
  • the advice given will be on the basis of the information provided, and be limited for that reason
  • In most cases, the advice will be of a general nature as detailed advice will not be able to be given without a review of all relevant documents and an interview (by telephone or personally)

We reserve the right to not give advice

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