Do hidden extra charges annoy you when booking flights or places to stay online?


You're not alone! Hidden extra charges also annoy the Australian consumer watchdog. But unlike you or I, it has the legal power to force booking websites to reveal the full price upfront. It calls it false advertising if they don't.

The Australian consumer watchdog (known as the ACCC) has now extracted promises from two of the largest online booking platforms, Airbnb and eDreams, that from now on they will display the full price payable for the place to stay and the flight inclusive of service fees, cleaning fees and booking fees.

The full price, which is called the headline price, is now to be displayed up front in the booking process. Up until now, the service fees and so forth were 'dripped', that is, they were introduced progressively as you went through the booking process until the payment page. This is called drip pricing.

For more information on the promises the ACCC has extracted from Airbnb and eDreams to no longer engage in drip pricing, click on article There'll be no more drip pricing by Airbnb and eDreams in Australia

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