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Cordato Partners Lawyers are experts in travel law. They specialise in providing a full range of legal services to the travel, leisure and hospitality industries.

Expert travel and tourism advice

Anthony Cordato is a specialist travel and tourism lawyer and heads the travel law practice group. He is the author of Australian Travel & Tourism Law. He has an unsurpassed depth of knowledge, experience and technical expertise in travel law, leisure law, tourism law and hospitality law in Australia.

Now in its 4th edition, Australian Travel & Tourism Law contains 200 case studies which graphically illustrate the law applicable to the travel industry. The book is a resource for the travel student and anyone working in the travel industry, with chapters dealing with legal responsibilities of travel agents and tour operators, travel advertising and selling travel, booking conditions, travel insurance and the Travel Agents Act.

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Cordato Partners act for the travel agent, tour operator, airline, hotel, and restaurant and function centres. The law has many names, including travel law, tourism law, hospitality law, holiday law, leisure law and even vacation law!

As specialist tourism lawyers, Cordato Partners provides legal services to deal with all legal issues which can arise in the course of operating a travel, leisure or hospitality business.

We are always looking for new clients in the travel industry and particularly enjoy dealing with difficult, frustrating and “too hard basket” problems.

We carry out commercial work and litigation:-

Commercial Work

Our business advisory and documentation work is specifically tailored to the travel and hospitality industries. It includes:-

  • Travel advertising
  • Tour and cruise booking conditions
  • Sale and purchases of businesses and franchises
  • Agreements to appoint travel agents, resorts, suppliers etc.
  • Protection of copyright and trade marks
  • Tourism employment law and HR support
  • Travel websites
  • Leases, property sales and purchases

Litigation – (Court work)

We have full experience of acting for the travel industry (and the occasional consumer) in holiday law disputes in both Australian and overseas Courts.

  • Disputes between travel agents, wholesalers and airlines
  • Travel consumer claims
  • Air travel passenger claims
  • Enforcing contractual indemnities
  • Warsaw and Athens conventions
  • Overseas and interstate claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Travel compensation law
  • Travel insurance law
  • Defending class actions
  • Hotel and resort guest claims

We maintain a commercial approach to litigation in that we believe that a commercially negotiated settlement is often better than a day in Court. We will advise you of the likely costs of any legal action in a timely and sensible manner.

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We also offer a full service property practice.

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